The State Tax University has crossed the equator of prestige among the leaders in training specialists in certain specialities, as well as why more and more students choose the State Tax University. Even during the Day of Knowledge, which was very touching at the university, which has significantly increased the number of students compared to last year, the prestige of the university was clearly demonstrated by its honoured guests. Among its alumni are Minister of Finance Sergii Marchenko, Head of the State Audit Service of Ukraine Alla Basalaeva and Mayor of Irpin Oleksandr Markushyn.

This academic year is a special one for the State Tax University, as well as for the entire education system of the country, as Dmytro Serebrianskyi, Acting Rector, noted in his welcoming speech: "For three years, we have been studying remotely due to various challenges of time, COVID and war. Today we have finally gathered on this square together, thanks to the titanic efforts of the Armed Forces and all those who hold the frontline of Ukraine. A low bow to everyone... Our university is a small copy of the country that has survived the occupation, but has survived and is recovering. Zelenskyi: A nation that wants to be a leader makes education a leader. It makes education honest "We are also rebuilding, and not only rebuilding the walls, we are rebuilding spiritually, with a clear motivation for knowledge. After all, as our President Volodymyr Zelenskyi emphasises: a nation that wants to be a leader makes education a leader. It makes education honest."

According to the data published on the EDEBO website, the State Tax University is among the top ten leaders in Ukraine in terms of the number of recommendations for admission to the state-funded programmes in the following specialities: accounting and taxation, law, finance, banking, insurance and stock market, ranking 6th among 83 educational institutions.

Overall, this year, applicants to the Tax University received three times more recommendations.

Let us outline the 10 main advantages of the prestige of the STU.

  1. A unique and unbreakable higher education institution subordinated to the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, located in the heroic city of Irpin. The university that has withstood the Russian invasion and continues to train the STATE PATRIOTS of Ukraine.
  2. High-quality education of the European standard and employment prospects in the structure of the Ministry of Finance and its specialised bodies. The University closely cooperates with state authorities, local governments, enterprises, institutions and organisations interested in specialists of the new formation.
  3. Specialities in demand in the labour market and modern educational and professional programmes that have been accredited. From law, finance, accounting and taxation to training innovative fintech specialists.
  4. Digitalisation of the educational process. The university is among the top ten in Ukraine in terms of online learning opportunities. The use of digital technologies, a high-quality distance learning system and dual education - the STU is always in the trend of educational innovations.
  5. Active cooperation with international partners, which = new opportunities for students. The university has established cooperation with foreign institutions, organisations and educational establishments, a preparatory department for foreigners and English-language master's programmes.
  6. Opportunity to prove yourself in scientific and research work. There is a Research Institute of Financial Policy, a Scientific Society of Students, a Council of Young Scientists, and many scientific schools at the STU. The university prepares professional scientific publications and journals, and the university's conferences always bring together the Ukrainian and international scientific communities!
  7. Strong material and technical base. Despite the damage caused by the shelling, the DPU remains one of the largest higher education institutions in terms of territory and infrastructure. It has modern academic buildings, dormitories, a sports complex with gyms, outdoor sports grounds, canteens, youth cafes, a medical centre, and modern classrooms.
  8. Wide opportunities for personal development in sports and art. Choose to your liking: become a member of the Suzirya Cultural and Art Centre or go in for sports, read in the library, relax in comfortable lounges or take lots of selfies in the photo zones!
  9. Friendly, leadership community of students and alumni. For more than 100 years of history, the university has graduated 70,000+ specialists - outstanding personalities, record holders and opinion leaders.
  10. The State Tax University is a team of like-minded people who strive to develop and keep up with the times! Where everyone is important, because their actions bring a better future for themselves and their country.

So, if you have become part of a large university family, you have made the right choice! The choice of a patriot, a statesman, a specialist on whom the future of the country will depend. And one more very important thing is the safety of the educational process. The State Tax University always takes care of its students during air alerts. Certified shelters are located on its territory. It is located not far from the capital. Twenty minutes by bus or fifteen minutes by suburban train - and you are walking the streets of the metropolis.

Of course, living and studying in Irpin is incredibly promising and interesting. After all, it is a city where dreams come true, a city of prosperity and development with vast forest and park areas. It has a well-developed infrastructure, fresh air thanks to a large number of well-kept parks and squares where young people like to spend their evenings, many gyms and leisure centres.