Recently, the Educational and Research Institute of Law hosted a guest lecture on the topic: "The Uncodified Constitution of the United Kingdom". The lecture was delivered by Luke Graham, Doctor of Philosophy in Human Rights and Public Law at the University of Manchester School of Law. The lecture was attended not only by students but also by the institute's lecturers.

As the UK does not have a codified constitution, i.e. a single constitutional document, Luke Graham in his lecture provided a thorough analysis of the collections of legal and non-legal rules that regulate the activities of the government in the country. The lecturer examined the features and sources of these rules, illustrating how they make up the UK constitution. The Professor of the University of Manchester Law School paid special attention to the comparative characteristics of uncodified and codified constitutions.

The topic of the lecture and the lecturer himself aroused great interest in the audience, as evidenced by the students' questions to Luke Graham, which he answered with pleasure. It should be noted that the students of the State Tax University of Manchester like guest lectures from the University of Manchester School of Law very much, as the number of people willing to listen to them is increasing every time.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Head of the Department of Theoretical and Legal Disciplines, Doctor of Law, Professor Anatolii Shevchenko and the participant of the Researchers at Risk Fellowship, Doctor of Law Valeriia Antoshkina for organising and conducting a series of guest lectures by the lecturers of the University of Manchester Law School. Thanks to this initiative, our students gained new knowledge and experience.

We look forward to further cooperation with the University of Manchester Law School. We look forward to new lectures!